Make Your Book Reading Efficient By Following These Tips


According to Pew Research, a person’s average number of books to read within a year is four. But we already heard the saying that leaders are readers and successful people like CEOs read about 48 books a year. Sometimes people struggle from having a consistent reading session. They want to finish a book quickly but do not have enough time and will to do so. Here’s a list of advice and recommendations to help you arrange your schedule in reading. It would be best to consider them and fuel your improvements and growth through reading books.

Schedule And Plan Your Reading Sessions

Some people believe that if plans are not on schedule, they will not happen. It would be best to check out your calendar for scheduling. Also, you can count on this tip and make yourself used to reading like you are only scheduling an appointment for yourself. It is beneficial because it can trigger your productivity. You can make your schedule every end of the week while planning what you will do in the upcoming days.


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Make A Morning Reading A Habit

Sometimes we want to read more books, and we must start by making reading a habit every morning. It would be best to spare 15-30 minutes before you spend your entire day with some errands. You can count on getting inspiration and productivity from them that you can rely on throughout the day. Some people like doing this routine. They might be tired already and lose focus on the book if they do it later. Also, you can change the habit of checking your social media accounts to reading parts of a book. It would help you in your growth and productivity as well.

Try Listening To Audio-Books

There are many activities that we need to do within a day. Sometimes we forget to read a book even if we want to. It would be a good idea to consider audiobooks. You can hear inspirational stories while commuting to work, in the shower, and even when shopping. Also, you can spend your time productively by listening to them. The best part is, you can turn your leisure and lost time into productive listening hours.


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You Can Skip Parts

No one will stop you from jumping a chapter or parts of it, especially when you feel it lacks value. Sometimes some books do not connect to your life, and you can skip them. You can fill up your shelves with the ones that are valuable and applicable to your life stories. On the other hand, some authors will put some fluff parts or the unimportant ones to fill the pages, and you can skip them.

Always Carry A Book

Sometimes we feel bored when riding a bus while heading to school or work. It would be best to carry a book with you always and grab them during the lost time. You can count on it while you are having a coffee break or even when you are passing through time.

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